National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU)


NTEU Chapter 254 represents FDA employees in 10 states: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Representation is determined by physical location of FDA employees and does not depend on chain of command.



Serve as a two-way communications link between NTEU and its members, and between management and employees;

Inform members of NTEU's policies, decisions and activities; and

Relay the members' views to chapter officers and executive board.



Defend the rights of bargaining unit employees;

Monitor and strives to improve working conditions; and

Resolve grievances within the union's jurisdiction.



Explain NTEU's objectives to bargaining unit employees; and

Inform members of their rights.

NTEU Chapter 254 provides a forum for employees to talk about our rights and protections in the workplace.  Join us during lunch break to discuss our collective bargaining agreement, workplace issues, work-life balance, and current events.


Lead and Organize

Defend workers against the insensitivity and reprisals of management;

Promote dignity of and respect for federal employees;

Educate new employees and other nonmembers on the benefits of NTEU membership.


We encourage employees to contact NTEU254 with concerns about workplace conditions and work/life balance.